MCAA Australia Pty Ltd

Thank you for visiting MCAA, we provide services that assist organisations or individuals in the areas of Employee Misconduct Investigations, Workplace Investigations, Corporate Investigations, Workplace Surveillance, Mobile Phone Forensics, Cell Site Analysis, GPS Forensics, Computer Forensics, Data Recovery, Forensic Accounting, Audits of Computer Use and Specialised Training. We have been providing these service for over 10 years and most of our personnel have been in the industry for over 25 years.

We are specialists in government workplace investigations including bullying, grievances, employee misconduct, conflicts of interests and corrupt conduct. We are called upon to review internal investigations and business procedures. Conduct reviews and investigations in relation to abuse of investigative powers and breaches of specific acts such as Public Interest Disclosure Act.

We provide expert evidence in all jursidictions for computer and mobile phone forensics. 

Expert reports are produced for clients to allow evidence including text messages, multimedia files, call logs and cell site analysis to be tendered in courts that is independant of the client.

Please visit our pages for information that may assist you. If you wish to contact us please fill in the contact form or call our office number. We are located at Sutherland in Southern Sydney and  Newcastle NSW .  We service clients all over Australia and Overseas.


MCAA are able to offer JTAG and Chip Off examination of Small  Electronic Devices, including mobile phones, voice recorders, usb flash drives and GPS devices. These services enable data to be recovered from devices that are water damaged, fire damaged or where commercially avaliable Mobile Forensic products are unable to extract data from the device.


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