Corporate Investigations - Forensic Accounting

Corporate Investigations 
Our personnel are very experienced in corporate investigations for government and private organisations including investigations under the State and Commonwealth employment Acts. Corporate investigations that we conduct include;
  • Workplace misconduct investigations
  • Fraud investigations
  • Statutory compliance
  • Bullying and grievances
  • Conflicts of  interests
  • Corrupt conduct.
  • Review of internal investigation.
  • Specialist investigations under acts such as the Public Interest Disclosures Act.
  • Investigations in relation to abuse of investigative powers.

Forensic Accounting

Forensic accounting means suitable for use in court - and that is how we treat each and every case at MCAA.

With Certified Fraud Examiners in our team MCAA is able to provide the range of forensic accounting services spanning from financial investigations and fraud examinations to litigation support and expert witness reporting in all areas of commercial and family law.

Whether you require the undertaking of a financial investigation or fact finding exercise MCAA has qualified forensic accountants to do the job.

Services provided include:

Financial investigations and fraud examination

  • Investigation of alleged fraud and corruption (civil and criminal). Fact finding investigations to help assess allegations of possible fraud and or irregularity. Preparation of a brief of evidence utilized in litigation.
  • Recovery procedures of misappropriated assets
  • Asset tracing, review of transactions, reconstruction of accounting records, unravelling complex accounting matters and reconstruction of accounts.
  • Money laundering investigations, tracing of hidden assets, nationally and abroad.
  •  Quantification of cash theft from businesses
  • Inappropriate application of accounting standards

Detection and Prevention strategies for business

  • Reviewing, preparing and presenting reports to clients and detecting financial and other risks with client data
  • Fraud risk assessment, analysing business vulnerability to fraud and financial irregularity and detecting red flags
  • Development of procedures for the detection and prevention of fraud
  • Expert in detection and prevention of misappropriation of assets and employee fraud, financial statement fraud and corruption and bribery  

Wealth Preservation and Fraud Risk Mitigation

  • Assess a company’s anti-fraud program and recommend improvements
  • Develop a company’s anti – fraud program focusing specifically on high level fraud risk vulnerabilities
  • Provide support for implementation and maintenance of an independent  fraud hotline 
  • Consulting to audit committees

Litigation Support and Expert Witness Testimony

  • Litigation support, including economic loss and damages assessments
  • Expert reporting in all areas of commercial and family law disputes  

Provision of training

  • Seminars and workshops in detection and prevention of fraud  
  • Seminars presented to key employees about re-engineered processes related to fraud risk management 
  • Training in financial investigations and asset tracing to both the public and private sector