Digital Forensics and Social Media Analysis

Computer Forensics

We are able to use our resources to secure, recover and report on data obtained from computers, mobile phones, PDA’s and other small electronic devices. Our experts have given expert evidence in relation to family, civil and criminal matters, assisted organisations in e-bullying and child protection issues.

Whether you require information to be secured or recovered in relation to e-mail, internet usage, instant messenger, text messages or deleted files we are able to service your requirements.

Other areas that we specialise in are data and password retrieval, analysis of electronic data, electronic evidence forensic imaging, email tracking, internet history retrieval and reporting.

Schools and Parents

Our services have been used extensively to audit the use of technology devices to ensure compliance with policies and legislation. We are pleased that we can assist schools and parents to protect children in relation to e-bullying issues.

Social Media Data Collection and Analysis

MCAA have been engaged in a number of social media collections and analysis. We use processes that are forensicically sound and capture the data  in a way to ensure it can not be tampered with. The data collected can include publically available sociial media accounts includiing facebook, linkendin, twitter, instagram. 

The captured data is analysied and a report prepared for the client . We have given evidence in criminal and civil jursidictions in relation to the reports prepared.

Mobile Phone Forensics

MCAA are the leaders in Mobile Phone Forensics in Australia and are engaged by organisations to examine and present evidence in courts and tribunals in relation to data obtained from these devices in Australia and overseas.

We have the widest variety and the latest industry standard mobile phone forensic devices to ensure that data can be obtained from the device, Sim card and removable memory. 

MCAA conduct training in relation to Mobile Phone Forensics including forensic procedures, iPhones, Blackberry, Android and other operating systems and protocols.

  • Recovery of deleted information from SIM Card, phone memory and other storage media
  • Recovery of data from phone including call logs, contacts, emails, videos and photos.
  • Searchable reports provided
  • Devices include phones, PDA’s, Blackberry’s, Iphones, Android, Tablets and gps devices.

Small Electronic Devices

Other small electronic devices such as Hard Drive Video Cameras, USB drives, MP3/4 players, Ipods and iphones can also be analysed and reported upon.

Data Recovery

We have recovered data from usb drives, hard drives, video and still cameras for clients. We specialise in recovering data from Mobile devices including android and apple devices.

Audits of Computer Use

We are engaged by clients to audit internet, email and electronic data use, copyright compliance, organisational policies, children’s access to internet, family court matters.